Gluten Free at TGI Friday’s!



Let me tell you a little secret: I have always avoided TGI Friday Restaurants. I’ve had the assumption that there would be nothing for me nor my dietary needs there, so, alas, I have never sought one out. Yet, last weekend, when Mike and I found ourselves out-of-town for the weekend in Illinois. his relatives treated us to lunch at…TGI Fridays! How did I fare?

One word to you: Delicious. I was instantly pleased to see that the menu had a GS (gluten sensitive) symbol next to dishes that were just for us. Our waitress couldn’t have been sweeter and provided me with a gluten-free menu list, as well. If you’re a Vegetarian, you may have a little more difficulty with their options, but, I turned right to the seafood and was thrilled. Some of the sides that sounded incredible and are gluten-free were: Ginger-Lime Slaw, Mashed Potatoes, Fresh Spinach and Tomato Mozzarella Salad. I decided on Norwegian salmon topped with sautéed langostino lobster and cremini mushrooms in a roasted Alfredo sauce, complete with 2 sides! I really wanted to try their French fries, but, since they’re NOT gluten-free as they go in their fryer, I was a good girl….opting for Jasmine rice pilaf and fresh steamed broccoli.

I love Alfredo sauce, and thankfully, this was a creamy concoction of perfection that I could not get enough of. The salmon tasted fresh and as a huge lobster lover (my one guilty pleasure I have once or twice a year), the langostino was a great added treat. And, for someone who wanted French fries, the broccoli and rice was actually beyond satisfying, and prevented my common “food coma” feeling post fried goodness.

TGI Fridays wouldn’t be who they are if they didn’t have….drinks. Whether you want something hard or a lighter libation like a lemonade, they’ve got plentiful to choose from. Our poor waitress was stuck with my loaded question, “What’s a good margarita?!” and after some discussion, I decided on their Grand; an upgrade from the house fave. They also offer a Cosmo Margarita that sounds right up my alley….so, we all know I will return 😉

If its one of their world-famous burgers you’re after, they also offer gluten-free buns to enjoy yourself. A popular burger Mikes relatives had was their Jack Daniels Burger; sadly, from taking a peek on the gluten-sensitive menu, it looks like this is not an option for us. Check with your server, though, as it looked great. For more information and to head out to a TGI Fridays Restaurant to see for yourself how awesome this diner is, check out their web-site HERE . xo

(*Disclosure: I am not affiliated with TGI Fridays. This is not a compensated post. I’m just happy to have found another great gluten-free friendly restaurant!)


  1. Susan Cooper

    February 2, 2015 at 8:18 pm

    Hi Mary, I used to go to TGI Fridays until about 10 years ago. I’ve been avoiding them since then, even though I had previously enjoyed them. There was can Dateline or 20/20 special on the dirtiest chain restaurants in America…TGIF came in first or second before or after IHOP. never went to either one again. Maybe they’ve cleaned up their act and I should revisit. 🙂 glad you find some gluten free food though.

    1. AlongComesMary

      February 2, 2015 at 9:28 pm

      OMG, Susan! I had no idea, that is scary :/ Funny you mention IHOP because I’ve not had good experiences there!!

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