Lunch at Everytable in Downtown LA!

Living in Los Angeles, food is, naturally, a popular subject. In LA, you can find the good, the bad, the ugly…and the uglier. While a quick cruise anywhere will most likely have a McDonalds and 7-11 available on every other corner, I am thankful that more healthier options are popping up everyday. Sometimes, even where it can be harder to find the good stuff.

Everytable is one of these places. A start-up casual dining eatery that launched in 2014, Everytable keeps everything to a minimal, except their quality of foods. With 4 locations in such LA hot spots as 3rd Street Promenade and Downtown LA at Macy’s Bloc, and in more un-assuming parts of La La land (South LA and Baldwin Hills), that diversity is just what Everytable is all about.

Arriving at their petite store front at The Bloc, Everytable brought to mind Woodland Hills’ Eatsa and one of my favorite Downtown grab ‘n go’s Om Nom Organics. With bright painted walls and a wide space, I was quick to notice a trend as I ooh’d and ahh’d at their selection of salads and ready-to-heat meals: everything was under seven dollars.

Your hot meals are actually served cold, and you heat them up yourself at one of their microwaves.

Cauliflower pizza? Spaghetti and turkey quinoa meatballs? Jerk chicken with veggies? Yep, take your pick, and spend under seven dollars on a wholesome, organic and gluten-free meal.

With my lovely hostess, Manager of the Downtown LA cafe, Rene, she was an absolute pleasure as she took me through the story behind Everytable and their goals to make healthy, wholesome meals available to all, no matter what your budget. The most unique location for Everytable has to be their Baldwin Hills mall spot within the Crenshaw Plaza. In a demographic that has all that ‘typical’ food court offerings, how awesome is it that a health conscious, gluten-free gal can grab a fantastic meal suited perfectly for her there?

Speaking of meals, it was incredibly hard to choose my first (of many) bowls at Everytable. The food is delivered daily and fresh to each location, and, they hardly ever run out of your favorite dish (maybe that spaghetti, though–get there early just in-case!). I decided on the Cajun blackened fish with sweet potatoes, collard greens and black eyed peas. Not only was it the perfect portion (and delightful) but, I also appreciate that the start-up does not carry any name-brand sodas, opting for better options to go with your healthy bowl like La Croix sparkling waters, kombucha and, for the coffee addicts, cold brews. This has been somewhat of a pet peeve of mine that as of late, I notice several of the healthier choice dining options deliver a better quality of food, yet, have a soda machine to get your corn syrup and sugars on.

With 4 locations and counting, Everytable could win over the crowds who are sometimes skeptical of ‘healthy’ food. Visit them at one of their locations (and counting!) and tell them Along Comes Mary sent you! xo

(*Disclosure: I was invited to experience Everytable on behalf of this feature. All opinions are my own.)