My Word of the Year for 2021

It’s that time, folks. Common among bloggers, several of us have a “Word of the Year” tradition. Selecting a word at the end of the year as we anticipate the new. After my excitement to flourish last year took many twists and turns, I gave a lot of thought to my word for 2021. After an incredible out pour of support following my pregnancy journey post (thank you all so much for your love and thoughts), this word of the year seems extra “right.”

So, without further ado….

With a new baby coming within weeks into my life, Reborn just seems fitting. I also have hope that 2021 will find us moving away from the dreaded terms of “pandemic” and “Covid-19.” Do we have a long way to go? Much like my thoughts on social and racial equality, I fear we do. Will we live through it and continue to come out strong? Absolutely.

Thinking about the word Reborn, I know I certainly will be once my baby Mabel is born. As a new life comes into my husband’s and mine, there’s no doubt there will be a sense of rebirth for us. Granted, I’m scared as hell. I feel like I didn’t sign up for this and have no clue what I’ll be doing as we get acquainted with Mabel Josephine.

When those worries start to overtake me, all I can do is focus on the fun to come. I have a new buddy to introduce my quirks and loves to. We can go to all of my favorite places here in Los Angeles. I’m anticipating day trips to introduce her to some of my most-loved towns. Juvenile activities that I often pass up will suddenly be at my fingertips. The zoo, playgrounds, aquariums, theme parks. Once it’s a safer world again, it will truly be a whole new world of opportunities.

If this isn’t a chance to be reborn, I don’t know what is.

Thank you so much to those who have continued to read and support Along Comes Mary in this trying year. While I can’t guarantee how active I’ll be as we welcome Mabel, I don’t plan to go away anywhere for long.

What word will represent you in 2021? xo