Shop Local in Downtown Greenville

As much as I love browsing Target, I still try to support local whenever possible. Knowing my dollar is going to help a small business always feels more rewarding. I was in shopping heaven when I arrived in South Carolina’s Downtown Greenville. Not only is the city brimming with Southern charm but they have an endless array of beautiful (and delicious) locally-owned shops. 

I’ll admit that I’m disappointed the holiday season is officially winding down. This has been one of my favorite years. Exploring Downtown Greenville was a highlight with all its merry-ness and gorgeous window fronts. These are the shops that left a special impression on me. I plan to continue to support thanks to online ordering. Happy shopping!

Vintage Now Modern

I found myself a bit turned around as I looked for another shop. Turns out my phone had sent me in the wrong direction, yet I discovered one of my favorite stores in downtown Greenville. Vintage Now Modern isn’t the average “cookie cutter” shop on a main drag. They have several aspects including home decor, antiques, lamps, and even paints. 

For me, I loved their odds and ends. The antiques range from high-end to classic Happy Meal toys for under a buck. Vintage Now Modern also has jewelry, candles, and locally made baubles. I truly didn’t know what would catch my eye next. 

Mast General Store

Although Mast General Store might seem like a “tourist shop,” the history alone makes it a must-see. For several years, it was the lone store on downtown Greenville’s Main Street. Anything the locals needed was here. Now, they keep the old-time memories alive with huge candy barrels and wooden floors that are still creaky. 

They carry a wide assortment of Greenville souvenirs and seasonal apparel. I appreciated how attentive the staff was. 

Oil and Vinegar Greenville

Anytime I travel I’m excited to come across an olive oil shop. The infusions are usually to die for and sure enough, I found aplenty here. Oil and Vinegar take it a step further with an extensive vinegar selection. Nearly every oil has a vinegar component to make a delicious pairing. 

I could have spent hours in the intimate nook trying combos. I decided on a garlic-infused olive oil and am keeping a Rosemary grapeseed oil in mind to order. 

Enjoying a mead tasting at Savannah Bee Company. (c) Mary Farah

Kilwins Greenville

Chocolate is a common go-to gift for me. Who doesn’t want chocolate? As easy as it is to grab a box anywhere. I’m always looking for great small business candies. When I walked out of Oil and Vinegar, it was hard to miss Kilwins right next door. 

Kilwins is a franchise that’s been making decadent chocolates, fudge, and ice cream since 1947. Downtown Greenville got its very own location over a decade ago. It reminded me a lot of See’s Candies. I was quick to create my own box and let’s just say I didn’t skimp on the peanut butter cups and champagne truffles. 

Poppington’s Gourmet Popcorn

As I said, Greenville has a lot of delicious treats. Poppington’s is another downtown favorite. Their gourmet popcorn is popped on-site and has an abundance of unique flavors. I loved that they had gluten-free marks on specific kinds. 

I could tell they love the holidays. Festive flavors like holiday toffee filled their shelves. I think next year we’ll leave Poppington’s out for Santa. 

River Street Sweets

Another moment I felt like a “kid in the candy store.” Literally. River Street Sweets is a Savannah-based store known for world-famous pralines and candy gifts. Their cases were chock full of bear claws, pretzels, brittles, toffee, taffy, and of course, pralines. I admit that I’ve not had many pralines. River Sweet’s will be what I now compare others to. It was chewy, crunchy, salty, and sweet. 

I brought Mike home a pretzel covered in chocolate and Reese’s Pieces. He said how good it was. I bring him home a lot of random snacks that go unmentioned. This is how I know it must have been excellent. 

Enjoying River Street Sweets. (c) Mary Farah

There are so many delicious cafes to take eat at downtown like Sully’s Steamers. (c) Mary Farah

Savannah Bee Company

This was one of my favorite and most unique visits on the Downtown Greenville excursion. Savannah Bee Company carries almost anything you could want involving a bee or coming from honey. Even mead which is essentially honey wine. I did a mead tasting and adored it. 

I selected a mead flight of six tastings. They resembled closely to wine and “hit” similar. Several meads can have up to 15 percent alcohol per volume. Some were very sweet while others like a good, dry wine. I’ve already asked a few wineries if they carry mead. I cannot wait to sip and savor it again. 

M. Judson Booksellers

This independent bookshop gave me major Vroman’s vibes. The atmosphere was cozy and the clientele seemed serious about their books. Like many bookshops, M. Judson Booksellers had a fair share of gift items. It was inviting to browse once I devoured my matcha and apple crumble bar (gluten-free and vegan) from the attached Camilla Kitchen. 

It was the ideal last stop coming from an afternoon of shopping. Even better? My hotel, the Westin Poinsette, was right next door. 

Support Local in Downtown Greenville

To think, this is merely the tip of the iceberg. There are so many nooks and crannies in Greenville. The New York Times chose Greenville as one of 52 Places to Go in 2023. Find out why in the new year. Plan the adventures HERE.