Sip with Someone Special at True Food Kitchen!

It’s the most controversial holiday. Do you love it? Do you despise it? Do you celebrate with roses and chocolate or cry and wallow into your Ben ‘n Jerry’s while binge watching This is Us? I am talking about Valentine’s Day. While like any holiday, there’s some rich history there, there is no denying the greeting card and candy companies are thriving this week.

I’ve always been a fan of February 14th. I love chocolate hearts. I like any excuse to have a bubbly drink. I like the color scheme. I’m usually a sucker for sending out some cards, too. Even before I had my valentine, I enjoyed the day.

But, getting back to drinks.

I was thrilled when True Food Kitchen in Pasadena invited me for an encore visit to their lovely restaurant. While last time found us experiencing their phenomenal brunch items, this trip would be all about their newest (and limited time) menu inspired by Valentine’s Day and their latest concoctions.

True Food Kitchen has launched their Sip with Someone Special menu. Featuring Valentine-themed specialty beverages, you and your honey can enjoy such inviting libations like the War of the Roses and Hot in the Dark. If the drinks are not enough to entice you, True Food Kitchen’s lively and bustling location on Colorado Boulevard will seal the deal.

On our last visit we sat on their patio on a gorgeous sunny LA Day. This evening had us inside nestled at a cozy booth with a great view of their kitchen–where all the true foods are made! (I know, bad pun. I could not resist.)

Hot in the Dark with a Brussel Sprouts and Wild Mushroom pizza. Photo: Michael Farah
Matcha Made in Heaven. Photo: Mike Farah.

We started out with Hot in the Dark. A spicy little number featuring lime, IXD tequila, pomegranate and jalapeno. I was skeptical at the thought of sweet and spicy. It turned out to be quite mild. As a tequila lover, this cocktail had the strongest alcoholic taste to it and that was fine by me.

Hot in the Dark would pair greatly with one of True Foods’ artisan crafted pizzas. With all the talk this week of National Pizza Day upon us, how could I resist? Having not had their pies yet, I decided on the Brussel Sprouts and Wild Mushroom pizza on their gluten-free pizza crust. Where do I begin? I was torn between that or their chicken fennel sausage pizza. Our server Eilidh, explained them best; while the chicken sausage is quite traditional, with mozzarella cheese and plenty of meat, the Brussel sprouts and mushroom is more on the ‘wild’ side. Not what you necessarily expect from a pizza.

I am so glad I felt adventurous. It boasted taleggio cheese, garlic and lemon oil. There was also a bit of a sweet element, too. Our wonderful host Matt, one of True Foods’ star managers, pointed out that the gluten-free crust makes it ‘pop’ with a bit of a sweet taste happening. I almost mistook the taleggio for goat cheese. A strong, white cheese, it was creamy and very rich. While this is definitely a “cheat day” pizza, it still feels healthy as True Foods’ quality is top-notch and everything is organic and super fresh. 

The next drink up for me and my Valentine? Mike knew I was anxious to try Match Made in Heaven. I have been on a matcha green tea binge and I knew this would be the match drink of them all. It’s got matcha, lemon….and vodka! When it arrived, it looked much more like a green booster drink from Whole Foods. Best part, or maybe worst? It truly tasted like a matcha drink. The vodka is hardly noticeable. As Matt and I joked, I’d probably notice it was a bit more than a green tea libation by the 4th or 5th!

Matcha Made in Heaven and War of the Roses. Photo: Mike Farah.
The Red Moon. Photo: Mike Farah.
Almost rosey! Photo: Mike Farah.

I would love to have the Matcha Made in Heaven during their Sunday brunch. As someone who frequents matcha lattes, this would be an amazing refresher as you await your egg breakfast or quinoa Johnny cakes.

Do you recall that 1990’s movie, the War of the Roses? Well, while that film is not the happiest, the cocktail of the same name made me feel very happy. It’s the ultimate Valentine’s Day drink and completely Instagram-worthy! A beautiful glass of pomegranate-infused vodka, Prosecco and a lime floating atop holding real rose petals. Mike and I agreed this was our favorite. Much like Matcha Made in Heaven, the vodka is very subtle. Letting the Prosecco shine. Fruity and bright and almost too pretty to drink.

If you’re looking to celebrate Valentine’s Day without the alcohol, not a problem. Also on the Sip with Someone Special list is the Red Moon. This non-alcoholic drink features grapefruit, yuzu and honey. It was refreshing and the perfect “anytime” drink. It’s pretty and pink, too.

If you’re more of a Wino (which I usually am, too) True Food Kitchen has you covered. Also on the special menu are featured Valentine’s Day wines: Cannonau Sella & Mosca “Riserva” (Sardinia, Italy), Cabernet Sauvignon Long Meadow Ranch “Farmstead” (Napa Valley, CA) and Chardonnay Frog’s Leap (Napa Valley, CA).

So, no matter what your poison is this Valentine’s Day, sip with someone special this year at True Food Kitchen. These specialty cocktails will only be available through February 18th. Not in Pasadena? They have several locations throughout the Southland. Learn more HERE. Cheers! xo

(*Disclosure: I was a guest of True Food Kitchen on behalf of this review. All opinions are my own.)





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