Sound Healing with Roxie

(*Editor’s Note: I was thrilled to be invited to a sound healing bath with Roxie Sarhangi. Alas, it was the same weekend we were in Solvang! I’m so excited to introduce you to first-time contributor (but long time friend), Selena Hughes. xo, Mary)

The words Sound and Healing used separately are alluring but use them together; Sound Healing and I’d hope that you’d experience an undeniable chill down your spine representative of the curiosity of your spirit for healing unlike any other.

I was familiar with Sound Baths, but had not experienced a session, nor did I have a complete understanding of the power within them. The opportunity finally presented itself and I said yes, without hesitation. My introduction to Roxie Sound Healing was held at the 1 Hotel, in West Hollywood. It’s a breathtakingly beautiful hotel that heavily incorporates art and nature into every decorative detail setting the vibe for the entire

The night was a full eclipsed moon and Roxie, was also hosting her 1st Sound Healing session for West Hollywood’s 1 Hotel since 2020. With all of this alignment, I was excited to take part in this intimate and unique experience. Later, Roxie will address the benefits of Sound Healing during a full moon.

A Journey with Sound Healing

Most in attendance brought blankets, yoga mats, and pillows for comfort, and crystals for recharging. These items are used as you are suggested to relax and lie still and allow the sounds to do the work. This night would be my first experience and I was ready for it. The one thing I did without intention was to stay open. I didn’t know what to expect nor did I Google it for hints. My inhibitions were completely open for what the experience had to bring.

Roxie started with an explanation of the Sound Healing journey that was to come. It was a solar eclipse of a new moon. She explained that the eclipse is the time to begin again, it’s a rebirth. The sky is dark, it’s a time to bring light within, look within and look for stillness and growth and connect to your heart and connect to your essence.

“Sound Healing Allows for the Opportunity to Embrace That Oneness”

Roxie recited a quote by Rumi. “As you live deeper in the heart, the mirror gets clearer and cleaner.” She said “that when we are in our heart, we can be our best self. We all come from LOVE, it is an illusion that we are separate, we are all one. When you think this way, you realize that we are never truly alone. Sound Healing allows for the opportunity to embrace that oneness.”

Sound Healing was a very personal and spiritual experience for me. I’m a novice turned instant believer of the practice and power of sound and its healing. I thought it would be best to present the professional guidance of Roxie’s Sound Healing by no other than Roxie.

Talking with Roxie

Selena: Can you explain what Roxie’s Sound Healing is?

Roxie: Roxie Sound Healing offers sound healing sessions (often called sound baths or sound meditations) with the intention of heart expansion and raising the vibration of as many individuals as possible through the power of sound. My sessions are always at inspiring locations whether that is a fine art gallery, a nature setting, or a stunning luxury
hotel. I want people to walk into the experience and immediately feel a positive shift in their mood.

Sound Healing is deeply relaxing– and oftentimes transformative. It is a profound sound journey. I often share the wisdom of ancient Persian poet and mystic Rumi in my work as well. An opportunity to align with our heart space and remember that we are walking beings of light! It is so easy to forget in the day-to-day. We can shed light on others and shine in the world. This is how I lead my sessions. To open up free-flowing energy of love from within and remember we are not alone. I try to encourage my sessions to be a welcoming and safe space for all. The sessions offer a time to reconnect to your essence.

Spreading good energy has a ripple effect and I am here for it.

The Heartbeat of the Earth

Selena: Your Sound Healing concerts are centered on 432 hertz, the vibrational frequency of Nature. What key benefits are you offering through your Sound Healing sessions using this vibration?

Roxie: This is a very in-depth topic and discussion with many differing viewpoints. The standard for concert pitch is said to be A=440Hz. (A hertz is a unit by which frequency is measured.) The crystal bowls are tuned to 432Hz which is considered the frequency of nature. 432 Hz is said to bring a sense of peace and well being, among other benefits.
Some musical theorists say it connects you to the alignment with the “Heartbeat of the Earth.” It sounds so grand! I try not to talk too much about the technical facets of it and just let individuals experience the power of the sound journey.

Selena: You use healing instruments such as Crystal Bowls, Symphonic Gong, Ocean Drum, and Koshi Chimes. Can you explain your purpose in using each instrument?

Roxie: They all have their own special purpose and work together in concert.

Photo: Courtesy of Roxie.
Photo: Courtesy of Roxie.

Each of the seven bowls are tuned to our energy centers– the seven chakras. Literally translated from Sanskrit, chakra means wheel. Imagine wheels of spinning energy in your body. One of the seven bowls is tuned to the heart chakra and I tend to play that particular bowl the most, to invite heart-opening. When we live in our hearts, we can be our best selves.

When the soundwaves emanating from the bowls reach our brain, they trigger a response in our body to relax. Activating your theta brainwave state can be considered trance-like and deeply meditative.

The symphonic gong is one of the oldest instruments. Its roots trace back to around 3500 BC. The gong is said to release tension and blocks in the body.

As far as the ocean drum, the sounds created are of gentle ocean waves. It can feel cleansing and clearing as if you are transported to nature. For me, being in nature is incredibly healing and rejuvenating. Koshi chimes are tuned to the four elements. There is a sweet and soothing sound to the chimes that feels light and pure.

(This is a great published study on the effects of sound healing.)

Selena: The journey was transcendental! I felt like you were my guide through many dimensions. Do you have specific destinations in mind when you are leading these spiritual explorations? or What affirmations are manifesting during these spiritual explorations?

Roxie: Thank you! I am so delighted to know it affected you in this way. Every person has their own journey. That is one of the many ways sound journeys are so magnificent– and every session is unique to the individual. I do have an idea of the message I want to bring into the session which is often connected to letting go, love, and unity. It is a true immersive unique experience.

A Full Moon in Hollywood

Selena: I attended your Sound Healing during a full moon. Why was this an opportune time to attend?

Roxie: If you look at the moon when it is full, even for a few minutes, it can affect your vibration immediately. It is the brightest and largest object in our night sky and is a major influence on the Earth’s tides. It is powerful and simply magical! If we follow nature, when the moon is full, things in our life are illuminated (and amplified) just as they are in the sky. With a full moon, it is an ideal time to let go and release what is no longer serving you. Feel it to heal it!

Selena: How important do you feel Sound Healings are at helping us adjust to our new world?

Roxie: Self-care is vital. It is always important but during times of transitions, it is key to feel grounded and centered when there is so much noise out there. Stress is real. Feeling at peace doesn’t have to be a luxury. When we can relax, we can bring our best selves to situations. Sound healing can be a transformative way to reconnect to the self. In stillness, we can receive so much wisdom. It is a beautiful act of self-love and an opportunity to raise our consciousness.

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