Support Local in Roswell, Georgia

Welcome back! Thanks to all who gave me great feedback and love on my first installment of Support Local. In these strange times of health safety closures, we’re all in this together. It breaks my heart to think of all the local businesses that are taking an enormous toll during this time. While many are attempting to stay afloat with modified ways of customers to purchase and support, it’s up to their fans to help. Thus, Along Comes Mary’s Support Local series.

Today, I’d like you to say hi to Roswell, Georgia. I first experienced this Atlanta suburb nearly three years ago when I covered their annual Wine Festival. Not knowing what to expect, and excited to check another state off my list, little did I know that Georgia, and Roswell in particular, would steal my heart so much. Much like my overall low health when I arrived in New Mexico by a thread last fall, it was a similar story when I made it on that inaugural visit.

Surrounded by friends and learning such incredible history, Roswell was a place that I’d been before; perhaps not in this life, but somehow, somewhere, Roswell felt familiar. My follow-up last summer only solidified this, and I left with even more friends in my Roswell “circle.”

Support Local in Roswell, Georgia

Clearly, I adore Roswell. Both of my visits have made me feel right at “home” and the community is a strong one. While I know they’ll survive our “pause,” it’s patrons like you and me that can help them in the meantime. Whether you’re local and can grab some takeout, or distant like myself yet can place an online order from a Roswell shop, let’s show this historical city some love!

Take out and Curbside Delivery

For the past few years, Roswell has been stealing the scene from Atlanta for the foodie scene. Many Atlanta-based chefs have moved on from the city and onto the laid-back streets of Roswell. While every meal has been noteworthy during my visits, Fellows Cafe just may steal my heart for the best breakfast. Their lemon ricotta pancakes are gluten-free based; no need to specify required. The huevos rancheros could have kept me full through lunch had I not needed to enjoy more in town.

Fellows are offering patio pick-up or delivery with DoorDash or Uber Eats until further notice.

On my last visit, I discovered the Flying Biscuit Cafe. An adorable Southern chain offering breakfast all day and night. They newly opened in Roswell, and are offering curbside delivery, takeout, and delivery with Uber Eats and DoorDash. (Psst, while they don’t have a gluten-free biscuit, sadly, they ARE very conscious if you alert them you’re a gluten-free diner).

Huevos Rancheros at Fellows Cafe. (c) Mary Farah
Avocado toast at Fellows. (c) Mary Farah

If you’re local to Roswell, you undoubtedly know what a fun time it is at Gate City Brewery. When I arrived in town last summer for Roswell Alive, I stumbled towards Gate City and their crowd of folks having a good time. Next thing I know, I feel like I’m at Coachella. The high energy of locals and visitors alike enjoying some live music and brews on a humid southern summer evening literally made me feel “alive” and once again like I was home. While their lively nights are on hold, that doesn’t mean the beer is. Gate City is keeping afloat with curbside delivery and take out for your favorite beers. We could all use a beer right now, am I right?

Local favorite the Mill Kitchen and Bar holds a very special place in my foodie loving heart: This was the first place I experienced shrimp and grits in the south. Those who know me know that since I first had the delectable plate in Roswell, I compare every other plate I have to theirs. Lucky for the locals, the Mill has a takeout and delivery menu available daily. The same goes for the award-winning Table and Main, located on the beautiful Canton Street. The beloved Southern tavern is offering you to “Keep Calm and Carry Out.” If I were you, I’d order up that shrimp and grits tonight if you’re in town.

Online Ordering and Wine in Roswell

While it’s not exactly a time shopping is on our mind, I know many of us are thinking about a canceled celebration. Whether it’s a wedding or birthday, or you simply miss seeing your loved ones, it seems like a good time to support online sales. If there’s a jewelry lover you’re thinking about, look no further than Raiford Gallery. Roswell resident, Judie Raiford, creates stunning works of art through her jewelry. With a wide range of pieces and pricing, visit Raiford Gallery’s website and fall in love with her gems, stones, and style.

Another favorite of mine in town is Deep Roots Wine Shop. The mastermind of Dana Gurela, Deep Roots is (usually) both a wine bar and shop. While Deep Roots is remaining open for locals to stop by for a quick retail sale, this is a terrific opportunity to experience Deep Roots at home. The shop is available to shop online and seems like an ideal opportunity to try out something new, support a fantastic business, and maybe encourage some friends or family to “screen time” with you over a glass or two.

A warm greeting from Judie at Raiford Gallery! (c) Mary Farah
Oli+Ve. (c) Mary Farah

Are you cooking more while at home? Maybe discovering new hacks and techniques? For me, I always leave an olive oil store feeling like I’m a pro. This certainly occurred following a visit to Oli+Ve, just across from Deep Roots. Oli+Ve opened over ten years ago as the first shop of its kind in the Atlanta area, and they made a home in historic Roswell. Shop Oli-Ve’s olive oils from around the world, and try out a few balsamic vinegar’s; some are aged almost 20 years!

Where in your community are you making sure to support? xo