Sweetfin Unveils Sweetbox Today

Are you ready to think INSIDE of the box? Since 2015, fast-casual darling, Sweetfin, has been all about thinking OUTSIDE of the box. Well, get ready to re-think things a bit and enjoy their newest (and delicious) item, Sweetbox

I remember the very first time I had sushi. It was over 10 years ago and I was someone who swore it would never be for me. Why would anyone eat raw fish? I would scoff. Well, folks, don’t knock it until you try it. Fast forward to today, and sushi, sashimi, and poke are easily my most favorite foods. Most would assume something like a poke bowl is always a gluten-free slam dunk. Think again. 

Gluten-free at Sweetfin  

Despite my love for all things spicy salmon, gluten-free folks need to do their investigating before enjoying it. Some sushi bars soak their rice in vinegar that is not gluten-free, and there’s always a plethora of sauces at poke bars to choose from. Many contain gluten. I’ve also encountered difficulty as the staff doesn’t always know for sure if what they’re preparing is gluten-free, let alone what gluten is. Enter Sweetfin. 

The brightly pink-hued cafes have made a splash across Southern California. There are locations throughout LA, Orange, and San Diego County thus far. The best part? Sweetfin is a 100% gluten-free facility! Not ready to take the plunge with poke, or maybe you’re a vegan? Not a problem. They’ve got plant-based and even keto bowls to select from. 

Sweetfin’s Newest Item, Sweetbox 

When Sweetfin asked me to try their newest invention, the Sweetbox, I was all in. Unveiling today, their Sweetbox brings all of their menu favorites to you. Similar to a bento box, each pack contains: 

  • Signature Yuzu Salmon poke over citrus kale salad
  • Signature Spicy Tuna poke over bamboo rice
  • Chile ginger forbidden rice noodle salad
  • Homemade taro chips dusted in wasabi furikake
  • Ramekins of gluten-free tamari, pickled ginger, and sriracha
Contents of Sweetfin’s bento-style box, Sweetbox. (c) Mary Farah
Spicy tuna over bamboo rice atop a taro chip. (c) Mary Farah

Usually, some of these contents would make me nervous. Noodles? Chips? Are these gonna be gluten-free? The peace of mind to just sit back and enjoy every bit of my box was heavenly. Mike and I shared our Sweetbox, but a word of advice: get one for each person enjoying. We were still a bit hungry after but had I enjoyed it on my own, it would have been a perfect portion. Don’t be a nice wife and offer to share like I did! 

Enjoy a Sweetbox

The Sweetbox is ideal when you’re short on time to enjoy at one of their restaurants, or need to get back to work or school. Even order a box to enjoy on a road trip. If you buy a bowl in-house and know you’ll want seconds for dinner, grab a Sweetbox. The reasons are endless to buy one, just do it. You won’t be disappointed.

Visit Sweetfin’s website HERE and learn all about the Sweetbox. 

(*Disclosure: Thanks so much to Sweetfin for my sneak preview of Sweetbox. All opinions are my own.)