The 81st Annual Danish Days of Solvang is Coming!

When packing up and taking a trip to Denmark is out of the question, why not consider taking a gorgeous ride up The California Coast to see luscious beaches in Ventura, beautiful California poppies along the 101, and grab some great food on State Street in Santa Barbara….and, that is just on your road trip to your destination!

The reason I said Denmark, is that just about 2 and a half hours outside of Los Angeles lays “The Danish Capitol of The USA’, Solvang. Founded over 100 years ago (1911) by a group of Danes looking to settle in America, Solvang (meaning “Sunny fields” in Danish), soon became their new haven as they built a foundation for a remarkable, intimate town within The Santa Ynez Valley and just 3 miles from the Chumash reservation.

While I lived in Solvang for many years before coming to LA, I think I underestimated just how authentic this city is and what homage it pays to its beloved sister country of Denmark. I have had numerous Danes tell me that Solvang certainly looks like the country home to Aarhus and Copenhagen. With most buildings reckoning those overseas, and incredible mountains and landscaping, Solvang also is not shy about celebrating their Danish heritage.

From September 15th to 17th, The 81st Annual Danish Days will be happening, and it has become one of their most popular events of the year. Danish Days begins Friday evening with a torchlight parade and traditional folk dancing in their courtyard, while Saturday and Sunday find the weekend having 2 more parades and a slew of food, wine and beer to indulge!

Danish Days has evolved from a town loved event, to a ‘road trip’ weekend stop for families and, as of late, an ideal weekend for all. Whether you have kiddos in town, want a weekend away with your honey or maybe a girls getaway, Solvang’s Danish Days finds their main drag, Copenhagen Drive, and their side streets bustling with a slew of shops, restaurants and wineries to choose from.

Just this year, Solvang eateries and bars will be “cooking up” something special just for Danish Days weekend. Participating businesses will continue to be updated on-line, on the Solvang Danish Days web site. Their current line-up can be found HERE. (Just don’t know what I think about an octopus aebleskiver!)

After Danish Days, there will be plenty more events to head to Solvang for. next month, the Santa Barbara Vinters Celebration of Harvest (I told you there’s wineries; vineyards, too), Solvang Scarecrow Festival, and of course, the most wonderful time of the year, Jule Fest!

I cannot wait to return to one of my ‘hometowns’ and visit during Danish Days. Seems fitting, as it will mark the 20th anniversary of attending my first Danish Days, in 1997!

(*Disclosure: I am going to Solvang, California, on behalf this blog. All opinions are my own.)