The Jewelry Artists of CRAFTED

If you are in the Los Angeles area & have not yet been to CRAFTED at The Port in San Pedro, MAKE SURE YOU DO! I had the time of my life afew Fridays ago at their VIP event for Bloggers, followed by their Etsy Crafts Party where we made messages in bottles, got funky with our nail polish & spoke with many of the artists who have made CRAFTED a reality.
In my 3rd series of posts about them, I would like to introduce you to some of the vendors specializing in fine handmade jewelry & accessories, that I had the pleasure of meeting & who so very kindly gave me gifts from their lines…..

I got a gorgeous necklace compliments of Diva Beads & was intrigued by the mermaid on their business card. Turns out that creator/owner, Tish Pollack, has an affinity for anything oceanic since, like myself, she’s a California native. “Shells, pearls, and pacific opal crystals are often utilized in many of my designs” she says, “And mermaids and fish have now become my signature.” Below is a picture she emailed me of one of her signature pieces, “Dreamweave” Necklace, which takes her about a weeks time to complete. Tish has also kindly offered a 10% discount! to any of my readers who mention they heard about her through Along Comes Mary. So, make sure to visit her at Booth A176!;)

Next up is a booth I was quite fond of…Its me, Mary! Mary specializes in adorable crocheted accessories & jewelry. Mary began her business in 2010, beginning with crocheting friendship bracelets & has since moved on to everything in between. I was treated to a beaded bracelet, similar to these below….

 Will the real Mary please stand up??;)

Next up, the fabulous Les Beaux Metaux (meaning Fabulous Metals…clever, no?!). From Kristen, I received a stunning Verdigris Circle necklace I am actually wearing as I write this! I asked her for a little more history about the piece: “It is it hand forged copper that has been patinaed” she replied via e-mail, “waxed and sealed. It hangs from an oxidized sterling silver chain.  Each necklace is unique due to the outcome of the patina.” Her work infuses sassiness with elegance; from subtle pieces like my necklace, to awesome in-your-face necklaces with petite charms that look lovely….then you read what they say, like “What A Bitch” or “Shes a Tramp” & you see what I mean about the sassiness!;) I loved all her work & cannot wait for the holidays as I can think of afew others I know who would love her vision just as much.

You can never have too much protection, & thats what this Tigers Eye with a little bronze umbrella charm appears to provide. A gift from the 7-11 Miracle, the card on the back states that “Charms have been enchanting people since prehistoric times. Frequently referred to as amulets or talesmen, the wearing of charms has been associated with magic, luck, protection, love, power & spirituality” Amen to that!!

Another piece I anticipate wearing alot is from Ninotchka Goods. A company name I love as it reminds me of my friend, Alix & how much she loves the Greta Garbo film, Ninotchka Smiles:) I had a chance to ask the artist, Nina, if thats where she got her label’s name, turns out it was her nickname from her Uncle growing up & like myself, the film is actually still on her to-watch list! The necklace is handcrafted brass that says, “I <3 Crafted”….which, after Friday night, couldn’t be more correct! If you are a Roller Derby Queen, or one at heart, she also a  fantastic square necklace that states, “I <3 Derby”.

Although my ears are not pierced, one of my favorite pieces I was gifted with that evening were a pair of beautiful dichroic glass earrings (below) from Belandaria Designs. Owner Suzanne Colucci has a great tagline that I find very inspiring,  “Know yourself, find yourself, be yourself” and explains that “The idea behind that is to never hesitate expressing your inner beauty through personal adornment that resonates with you. I’ve been making jewelry for 12+ years and it brings me immense satisfaction to bring a smile to a client’s face, through an offering of my work. It’s a connection that I appreciate more than I could ever express.” It certainly shows in her pieces, & I already have my eye on some more jewelry by her I would like to get;) (& yes…I plan to keep the earrings! She just might help me get them pieced one day).

The fun does not stop with this entry! I still am going to be introducing you to the papercrafts, fine stationery, accessories & FOOD of CRAFTED! So, look for another post in this series soon!:)

And, a big THANK YOU AGAIN shout out to all the vendors who were so kind enough to offer their kindness to me. Please support these wonderful local artists!! xo

  1. Delia Marsellos-Traister

    September 12, 2012 at 7:33 pm

    awesome post about the beauty at Crafted

  2. Maribel Reyes

    September 12, 2012 at 7:55 pm

    I think I might have to plan a trip to San Pedro soon! I so would love to shop at Crafted!

  3. Susan Cooper/

    September 12, 2012 at 9:43 pm

    What a great time you must have had. The hand forged copper necklace sound really cool. The fact that each necklace is unique sings to me. I love that kind of stuff. 🙂

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