Wine Women Wednesday: Meet Fly Wines Founder, Stephanie Franklin

I’m baaaack. It’s been a while since an installment of Wine Women Wednesday. I’m thrilled to introduce some fresh and new faces in 2024. Kicking off this return is Stephanie Franklin, founder and CEO of Fly Wines.

Fly Wines launched less than a year ago. It’s already a pioneering name in the world of wine tastings, and subscription services just started this November. The exciting differentiator between Fly Wines and other wine clubs is that they offer unique tasting boxes to get acquainted with before committing to a full order.

Stephanie Franklin, founder and CEO, started Fly Wines during COVID after losing her mother and good friend practically back-to-back. At the time, Franklin was working at an AdTech company. It was extremely hard to motivate herself, so she decided to leap into her passion. She put in her two weeks and was off traveling the world in search of high-quality, small-batch wines from under-represented vineyards.

Fly Wines works with customers for a special tasting experience. Being a wine importer and exporters, they have access to uncommon wine options for the more seasoned wine lovers. Their in-house Chief Sommelier is also available to create custom wine boxes to broaden wine knowledge or try new wines.

I was thrilled to receive a wine-tasting box and chat with Stephanie.

Fly Wines Founder and CEO, Stephanie Franklin

Can you tell me a little about yourself and the back story?

My journey into the world of wines began with a passion for both technology and the art of winemaking. Amidst the challenges of the pandemic, the idea of Fly Wines took flight during a discussion with a friend about the lack of high-quality wines in tasting boxes. This spark led to the creation of Fly Wines, a company dedicated to importing and distributing exclusive selections from independent wineries globally.

My favorite memory is witnessing the idea come to fruition, translating a simple concept into a thriving business. At Fly Wines, we take pride in curating exceptional wine experiences, fostering inclusivity and authenticity. Our mission is to bridge the gap between wine enthusiasts and the hidden gems of the wine world, providing a unique journey through diverse, high-quality selections.

A Passion for Wine

What made you want to create Fly Wines? Have you always had a passion for wine?

The motivation stemmed from a desire to bring a fresh perspective to the wine industry, particularly addressing the underrepresentation of minorities. The idea of crafting a unique approach to the world of wine felt like an opportunity to make a meaningful impact.

My passion for wine itself ignited around a decade ago. The drive to actively participate in the wine industry crystallized with the inception of Fly Wines. It became a vehicle for not only expressing my love for wine but also for contributing to a more diverse and inclusive wine landscape.

Was there a “moment” you knew you had to do this?

The tipping point for me was when the persistent feeling that I had stumbled upon a great idea wouldn’t fade away. The concept of Fly Wines kept resonating with me. The more I delved into researching the industry, the more validated and convinced I became that it was a venture worth pursuing. It was a moment of clarity that propelled me to turn the idea into a reality.

The Perfect Day

What do you hope your clients take away from a Fly Wines order/subscription?

I aspire for our clients to not only relish the luxurious experience of our wines but also to have those flavors linger in their memories. Beyond the immediate enjoyment, I want them to feel a sense of discovery, having encountered exclusive wines from independent wineries that might have otherwise remained undiscovered. Importantly, I hope they take pride in supporting both an independent winery and a minority-owned business.

There’s nothing like a perfect day at your happy place. Kicking back listening to your favorite album and drinking your favorite wine. What does that look like for you?

It looks like a perfect evening. Immersed in the soothing tunes of jazz, beside a warm fire, with the exquisite taste of Cabernet Franc in hand. A moment of pure bliss.

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