Kidspace Children’s Museum Hosts Summer Campout

It’s crazy what a difference a year makes. When Mabel turned one we visited Kidspace Museum on a random weekday. It was a fun outing to Pasadena but I knew a year or so would make a huge impact on her level of enjoyment. We recently returned to the children’s haven and I was indeed right. Mabel is nearly two and a half and kept us on our toes the entire afternoon.

Being the Pasadena native I am, I love any chance to visit Kidspace. The non-profit children’s museum has been enriching the lives of families since 1979. They have relocated here and there through the years. Their dwellings since 2002 at Arroyo Seco Park within the Rose Bowl are ideal. There’s plenty of open room and opportunities for little ones to safely explore.

Kidspace Children’s Museum in Pasadena

We loved entering through a shimmery, metallic-colored tunnel. The cafe greeted us on our right and the gift shop on the left. Mabel made a beeline to fun swinging cages that almost feel reminiscent of the Disneyland tea cups. Just adjacent to where we got quite dizzy, we enjoyed a sprinkler spraying us with water and steam under the ground. These two activities alone were enough to keep her busy for a while.

In the center of the action is an indoor activity house. This is especially helpful when you want to take a break from the sunshine. There’s a tower to climb up to the tip-top and see gorgeous views of the city and the Rose Bowl. Mabel wasn’t quite into it yet, but there was also a fun cave to crawl up just like an ant. We enjoyed the chance to learn more about the natural surroundings of the area. Feeling crafty? There’s a fun arts and crafts station, too.

Out back was a playground with a “race track,” bikes, and cars. Just beyond here, we found the ultimate hidden gem for Mabel. It was a pretend farmer’s market. Kids can play at booths with toy fruits and vegetables, aprons, a sandbox, and other toys. This is where many of the toddlers were and it was a huge hit for us. We love watching Mabel socialize and learn how to interact with others, especially her peers. This was such a precious place to make memories.

Summer Campout at Kidspace

To think, we still had more to see. Kidspace is in the midst of its Summer Campout season. Many activities and learning experiences are with warmer days and lighter nights in mind. What says summer more than playing in the water? We loved their small creek over looking the museum. There was plenty of room to enjoy as well as dry off and get situated after. Given the day wasn’t as hot as it could have been, this would be a great reason to come back on one of those hot days.

They even had a “campfire” for us to “roast” pretend marshmallows. Although I’ve never been fishing, it’s another quintessential summer pastime. Of course, it’s represented at Summer Campout with a fun playtime edition.

Explore and Visit this Summer

Something else top-notch at Kidspace was their rock star staff. The team on hand to play, assist, and keep an eye on everyone was wonderful. We appreciated how they played with Mabel and engaged with her and the others.

Kidspace is open Tuesday through Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm. Advanced ticket reservations are needed and can be purchased HERE. Their Summer Campout is such a fun day and will go through September fourth. A special thank you to Kidspace for hosting us! xo