World of Barbie Arrives in Santa Monica

Like millions of kids, I grew up playing with Barbies. I felt like the coolest kid on the block when I got her RV. A few years after that, I got the mini camper. I also had a log cabin, many cars, and countless dolls. Barbie as a doctor, vet, and even a few of the limited edition Christmas dolls. I even remember the POG Barbie (does anyone remember POGS?). Beyond Barbie, I had Skipper, Kelly, and Ken. You name it. She was a staple of my childhood. Oddly, I never had the Dream House. Although Mabel has the Fisher Price Little People version and loves it to death. 

So, imagine my excitement when we were invited to visit World of Barbie now happening in Santa Monica. I’ll be honest: I’m not a huge pop-up person. Having a toddler in tow can make any outing unpredictable and I knew this would be a “trendy” event. There are photo ops galore yet I’ve become comfortable with not bothering to look particularly “fancy.” Most days, it’s leggings and a hoody with a messy bun. I did Mabel on point with cute jeans and boots paired with a denim blazer. As for momma, I actually did my make-up beyond some eyeliner and mascara and added in some foundation and blush. We gotta look our best for Barbie, no? 

Luckily, I had nothing to worry about. The environment was warm and welcoming. There were influencers and photographers galore aside families and young kids. We loved seeing how others dressed up to the nines and little girls with adorable hairstyles and outfits. Everyone at the preview truly loves Barbie and what she stands for. 

World of Barbie in Santa Monica

Despite many would brush off the Mattel mogul as superficial, World of Barbie proves there’s much more to her than high heels. The multi-level exhibit gives visitors the total Barbie experience and history. 

World of Barbie put us in her world as soon as we entered. Check-in was a breeze. Next thing we knew, we were thrust into the Dream House living room and kitchen. Beyond that, there was her camper and an entire room of fun photo ops with props. From there, we checked out the salon sponsored by Paul Mitchell. Although not a traditional hair salon, this one gives guests the chance for a virtual makeover with Barbie. 

Also in this installation is a fun beach display. It was total Malibu Barbie at its best. Mabel loved following the ocean “waves” on the ground to the lifeguard tower. Next up, we headed upstairs and were introduced to Barbie’s anchor room. Here, visitors get to share the local news and weather. How adorable is that? 

Barbie News Network and Even Barbie in Space

After channeling our best Barbara Walters, I wanted to check out Barbie in Space. Yep, you read right. The exhibit even features an Interstellar Airways Shuttle to honor Barbie’s time as an astronaut. By now, I was feeling like I’d led a very lazy life. Other interactive rooms included her music studio and even a science lab. These parts are very kid-friendly and Mabel had a field day pressing every button she could. 

As a pop culture buff, I loved the gallery of Barbie over the years. They have dolls from all six decades she has been in existence. I loved seeing the very first Barbie and many of the beloved Christmas editions. They also have each era of the Dream House which had Mabel and me in awe. 

Visit Barbie Through June

All in all, World of Barbie is a terrific outing for fans young and old. It’s one spectacle after another to see and snap pictures of. Given its anticipation and popularity, I’m sure the crowds won’t let down anytime soon. Be prepared to wait a turn for your close-up. Since the camper was busy when we arrived, we circled back before we left to get in some quality time and “drive” it. There’s enough to see and keep everyone busy that it works to check back if a line is long or an attraction hectic. 

The special pop-up is on through June at Santa Monica Place. It was easy-peasy to park at their parking structure and walk right over to the world. The first 90 minutes are free to park and the experience took us about an hour to walk through. Keep in mind that strollers are not permitted inside World of Barbie. 

Learn more and nab your tickets HERE