Six Favorite Acai Bowls and Where to Find Them

As a foodie, I envisioned my appetite would be huge during my pregnancy, Surprisingly, it wasn’t too uncontrollable those nine long months. As soon as I found out we were expecting, I began to research the best foods and nutrition sources for each trimester. Throw in being a Type One Diabetic, and I knew my blood sugars would play a role in my choices. While I managed to have the best control and A1c ever achieved in my 26 years as a Diabetic, that does mean I dealt with a lot of low readings. When that’s the case, I need sugar sources to raise my levels and not faint. This was especially “fun” at three AM, let me tell you.

As someone with a sweet tooth, it’s easy to just reach for the candy. I’ll admit that is sometimes the case. I’ve worked hard to have that junk food craving turn to more nutrition-dense sources like fruit. My number one go-to, especially when I’m out and feel like a “splurge”? Acai bowls.

I’d jumped on the acai bowls wagon awhile before I got preggo, and amped up my game last year. Although incredibly nutritious and loaded with antioxidants, they’re certainly heavy on carbohydrates and sugar. It’s in no way a keto-friendly treat. Yet, when I kept being told that Mabel was looking good but slightly underweight and to keep up on eating, they were a lifesaver.

Living in Los Angeles, acai bowls can be found on every corner. Pop into any health food store or juice bar and you’ll be sure to find them. While usually on the pricier side, I’ve included an option that can be found at everyone’s favorite grocery store, and for under five bucks. Another perk to acai bowls? They’re gluten-free as long as you ensure the granola topping is (or omit it) and vegan (unless you avoid honey. In that case, make sure there’s no drizzle). Bon Appetit…..

Fit Bar Superfoods Cafe, Various Locations in LA and OC

With locations in Pasadena, Sunset Beach, and Sierra Madre, Fit Bar ranks among my favorites. The micro size is ideal if you need a small pick-me-up, while the regular size is enough to keep you fueled all afternoon long.

My current fave is The Admiral with its abundance of goji berries, mulberries, flax seeds, and more. If you want to vary it up, Fit Bar has an incredible menu of plant-based goodies including paleo waffles and a plethora of smoothies and caffeinated steamers.

Flor De Lima Farms, San Fernando

A true hidden gem in the San Fernando Valley, Flor De Lima Farms has everything you’d want for some AM power. Aside from acai bowls, they’ve got you covered with cold-pressed juices and breakfast sandwiches. Whenever I pop in for a bowl, I never leave without a few of their made-in-house protein bars.

As far as the acai bowls, I love the portion and how fresh the fruits are. Many include low-fat yogurt while some are dairy-free. From the California (my personal go-to) to Chocolate Chip, I love supporting this local staple.

Brasil Arts Cafe, Santa Barbara

A bit further up the coast, Brasil Arts Cafe has one of my favorite acai bowls by far. With its vibrant atmosphere and friendly staff, this cafe offers a wide range of menu items including full entrees in addition to their grab and go’s like acai bowls.

Their acai is organic and blended with coconut water. I love their Bac Bowl with fresh mango, goji berries, strawberries, coconut, hemp seeds, and honey.

Movita Juice Bars, Various LA Locations

When we were still living in the San Fernando Valley, Movita had become a “fixture” for me for their moderately priced green juices. Then, I discovered they’ve also got delicious (and huge) acai bowls.

Being the mango lover I am, I usually order the Tropical Bowl. If you’ve got a sweet tooth, the Nutella Banana is a must-try. Looking to keep the calories down? I’m in that boat now post-partum and need to get acquainted with their Skinny Bowl. With locations throughout the Valley and in Santa Clarita, Movita is definitely the best priced for plant-based, fresh fruits and vegetables.

It’s Boba Time, Various LA Locations

Since we moved, I’ve been searching for an acai bowl nearby. So far, It’s Boba Time has proven to be my favorite when I need my fruity fix quickly. While a bit pricey and not organic, It’s Boba Time offers another large menu of goodies and the bowls satisfy my cravings.

Although I’m not a boba fan, they’re certainly known for their concoctions as well as pretzels, sandwiches, teas, coffees, smoothies, and juices. My favorite acai bowl choice is the Tropical (of course). The only one I wasn’t a fan of so far was their Green Bowl.

Heads up: If you’re also gluten-free, their granola is not.

Bonus Mention: Organic Acai Bowl, Trader Joe’s

As I mentioned, craving acai bowls aren’t a cheap addiction. Most range from eight to ten dollars a pop. This is why I was excited to discover that Trader Joe’s now sells an acai bowl in their freezer department! Best part? They retail at just $3.99.

Not only is it organic and comes with a packet of gluten-free granola topping, but I also love the easy prep. I buy a few and either put them directly in the fridge to enjoy the following day or store them in my freezer to hold on to. If you’re looking to get right home and enjoy, they also include microwave instructions. What’s not to love? xo