“Punky Brewster” Looks Back in Hulu’s Kid 90

Who remembers Punky Brewster? The adventures of a feisty seven-year-old with a heart of gold and her foster dad, Henry? Growing up in the early 1990s, I loved reruns of the syndicated series. Played by Soleil Moon Frye, she’s now all grown-up and taking us down Memory Lane in more ways than one.

For starters, there’s the Punky Brewster reboot now streaming on Peacock. Punky is now in her 40s and a newly divorced mom of a daughter and two adopted sons. Her BFF, Cherie, is back and manages Finster Hall, the group home where Punky got her start.

Then, there’s a glimpse into the mind of Soleil after Punky in her new documentary, Kid 90. Premiering this Friday on Hulu, Kid 90 is a whirlwind of a journey anyone growing up in the 1990s will appreciate. So many faces and moments will resonate with you while Frye was living it, And recording.

Soleil Moon Frye Virtual Interview with The MOMS Network

I was thrilled to receive an invite to a virtual interview with Frye and The MOMS Network. That morning, I had the chance to screen Kid 90. Already a documentary junkie, I knew this one would be full of nostalgia. While it offers that, what I really enjoyed about Kid 90 was Frye’s vulnerability.

A true filmmaker at heart, Frye has spent her life documenting it. From journals (she reads us some very personal entries like losing her virginity to a Hollywood “bad boy”) to recording, little is left out in this coming-of-age look back. Along with an array of footage, several of Frye’s friends are interviewed today to reflect on those years.

Like many in the business, when Punky Brewster wrapped, Frye struggled to get past her little girl image. Now a teenager, it also wasn’t easy how quickly her appearance developed. Dealing with cruel headlines like “Punky Boob-ster,” she made the difficult decision to get a breast reduction. Since then, Frye has been a voice for young women in similar (and uncomfortable) situations.

Reunite with Punky Brewster in Peacock’s New Series

If I didn’t get my Punky and 90s “fill” with Kid 90, Peacock is making sure that I do. Along with all four seasons of the original Punky Brewster available, the long-awaited reboot of the same name is officially streaming. Bringing to mind Fuller House, some “old friends” return to Punky’s life. She’s still mismatching her socks and believes in her “Punky Power.” It’s the perfect show to watch with your own children. I’ve been watching with Mabel and even got Mike addicted to the original. We just watched the kids build the treehouse, and are awaiting the PSA episode that tells of the fatalities of a child getting trapped inside a refrigerator.

During the interview, we learned that Soleil is just as spunky and perky as Punky. Although some actors prefer to move on from their alter-egos, Frey embraces it. “You can call me Punky” she told us.

Kid 90 begins streaming TOMORROW, March 12th, on Hulu. To watch a replay of our Zoom interview with Soleil Moon Frye and The MOMS, click here.