Wine Women Wednesday with Renae Perry, Co-Founder of Women in Wine Day

Happy Wine Women Wednesday! I’m so excited to have two incredible wine women for you to meet this month. In conjunction with Women’s History Month, winemakers Renae Perry and Yolanda Papapietro have launched the first annual National Women in Wine Day. Slated for March 25th, this national day is to celebrate the many women in the wine industry across the globe. Recognizing these ladies may attract future generations of women to the wine industry, whether working as winemakers, CEOs, marketing directors, viticulturists, writers, or influencers. Sounds right up my alley, no? 

Today, meet National Women in Wine day co-founder, Renae Perry. After a few decades in the high-tech industry, Renae and her husband decided to leap from winemaking in their garage to opening Papapietro Perry Winery in Sonoma County. Read on to learn more about Renae and her zest for life. 

Next week, just in time for the March 25th celebration, I’ll introduce you to co-founder, Yolanda Papapietro. 

Wine Women Wednesday: Meet Renae Perry

Mary: Tell me a little about you and your background

Renae: I worked for 30 years in the high-tech industry before moving into the wine industry. My husband Bruce and his friend Ben Papapietro were making wine in our garages as a hobby when they decided that we were ready to become a “real” winery. With my experience in management and their expertise in winemaking, we figured we could do it!. We knew very little about the wine business, as they say… ignorance is bliss. We learned as we went and luckily we were able to turn our hobby into a successful business.

Was there a “moment” you knew that you were passionate about wine?

When my husband poured me a glass of 1985 Williams Selyem Pinot Noir in a proper Pinot wine glass… it was wonderful. That started my love of Pinot Noir.

Renae Perry at her winery. Photo: Courtesy of Perry.

What inspired the launch of National Women in Wine Day?

I wanted to celebrate all the extremely competent wonderful women I have met and been able to work within this industry. I think that women have a responsibility to help other women to be successful. We should celebrate each other’s triumphs. I also think that as women, we should lift each other up and continue to inspire the next generations of women in wine.

What’s your advice to women who want to pursue a career and life in wine? 

Go for it! It’s a wonderful life. 

Tell me your idea of a perfect day, and what wine you would be drinking?

I would be sitting under the oak trees in my yard, listening to the creek, with a luscious glass of Papapietro Perry Peter’s Vineyard Pinot Noir.

Make sure to visit the official website to nominate your favorite vino gals! xo